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What Is A Property Tax Protest In Texas?

March 8, 2023

In Texas, a property tax protest is a process where property owners can dispute the appraised value of their property, which is used to calculate the property tax they owe. The property tax protest allows property owners to challenge the value assigned to their property by the local tax appraisal district, with the goal of reducing their property tax burden.

Property owners in Texas typically receive their property tax appraisal notice in the mail each year, which contains the appraised value of their property as determined by the appraisal district. Property owners have the right to protest this value if they believe it is too high, and they can do so by following the procedures set out by the appraisal district.

To begin the property tax protest process, property owners must first file a written notice of protest with the appraisal district within a certain time frame after receiving their appraisal notice. This notice should include the reason for the protest, such as errors in the appraisal or the property's condition, and any evidence that supports the owner's claim.

The appraisal district will then schedule a hearing to consider the property owner's protest, at which the owner can present their evidence and argue their case for a lower appraised value. If the owner and appraisal district cannot reach an agreement, the owner may be able to pursue further appeals through the court system.

Overall, a property tax protest in Texas is a way for property owners to challenge the appraised value of their property and potentially reduce their property tax burden.

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