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Three Things You Need to Know About Protesting

April 11, 2017

One. Owners who protest pay less than those who don’t.  In DFW last year Appraisal Review Boards reduced the tax rolls by almost 10%.  Did you get your share?

Two:  Those who use a professional do better than those who don’t.  At Property Tax Protest we've  been fighting taxes for thirty years for ourselves and for our clients.  Experience counts.  

Three: Those who don’t protest pay for those who do.  The tax revenue lost from ARB ordered value reductions must be recovered by rate increases that apply across the board.  The higher your value the more you pay for others’ reductions.

At Property Tax Protest we show you your neighbors’ reductions and information about your own property that you likely didn’t know.  And we’ll represent you for 1% of your market value reduction.  If there’s no reduction there’s no fee.  To sign up, simply return these two Documents. Send no money.

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