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How Not to Do It Yourself

March 26, 2021

Many property owners file their own protest rather than use an agent. How does that work out?According to one chief appraiser, about 50% of self filers never show up for the hearing. Others appear but without convincing evidence. Still others appear with what they think is relevant evidence only to find that it's not persuasive.  Others will protest values that don't have "a snowball's chance" of getting reduced because they are fair.  Some will appear with a real estate broker's Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) only to find it doesn't fit the ARB's criteria.  Many will go away frustrated and unhappy because they had an emotional (as well as financial) investment in getting that reduction.To see some of what's involved in presenting your case to the ARB, look here: Is a CMA from MLS Sufficient for an ARB Hearing?

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