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How Long Am I Committed to Property Tax Protest?

March 24, 2023

You are not committed beyond the current year.  You can terminate Property Tax Protest at any time except between April 1 and September 30 of the then current year.  To terminate Property Tax Protest’s authorization you can submit to your appraisal district Texas Comptroller’s Form 50-813 (“Revocation of Appointment of Agent for Property Tax Matters”).  It's available here; or you can Google it.

You can either mail the completed form to your appraisal district (address available online) or email it to your district at the appropriate address below:

Tarrant       with copy (please) to:

Dallas                             with copy (please) to:






Fort Bend


However, we find that those who stay with us over the long term save substantially because reductions in the current year carry over to future years and the benefits compound annually.  Also, since Property Tax Protest files automatically for its clients, the opportunity to protest each year doesn’t get overlooked.

Signing up with Property Tax Protest is like an insurance policy with no advance premium.  If there’s no reduction there’s no fee.  It’s risk free.

It's your money. We'll help you keep more of it.

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