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How Can We Fight the District When It Has All the Data?

May 23, 2017

We have three major advantages: One is we have access to better data than the appraisal district because you know your property better than they do. Our clients tell us things about their property that the appraisal district often gets wrong, such as condition, size, number of baths, size of garage, etc. So we go in armed with data that contradicts theirs and supports your reduction. Plus, their data is available upon demand. We get it before the hearing and that's how we can do better than most who protest on their own.Two, appraisal districts are required to inspect the entire county once every three years. In DFW they do this by reappraising where they believe values have increased the most. One result is that many properties are "inspected" only by aerial photography and many others are not inspected at all.Last, appraisers are inclined to resolve appeals informally rather than letting them go to the Appraisal Review Board which is time consuming and expensive. The district is on a budget from the taxing authorities. The appraiser's concern is making a value change that is supportable. If we have meaningful evidence about, for example, the condition of your property, we'll get you the value you deserve!

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