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Arbitration: We'll Share the Risk With You!

July 29, 2017

Your Second Chance is Often Your Best Chance – and we’ll share the risk!

After the Appraisal Review Board makes its decision – even after a reduction there – Binding Arbitration is your last resort to get the taxable value you deserve.  It’s also your best resort because it’s played on a field tilted in your favor.

In recent years our clients’ aggregate reductions from Binding Arbitration have been more than double the reductions previously granted on the same properties by the ARB's.

Arbitration requires a $500 deposit with the Texas Comptroller.  But your risk is only $250 because we will refund half the difference between the deposit and your actual tax savings from Arbitration if they are less than your deposit.  So, for example, if Arbitration saves you only $300, then we will pay you $100.  Clearly, we won’t take a case we don’t think we can win!

Arbitration is played out on an uneven field tilted in your favor because if the arbitrator – who doesn't work for the District – arrives at a value closer to your request than to the ARB’s value then the District must pay the $500 fee and yours is refunded by the Comptroller.  Thus the District has an incentive to compromise.

Here are some examples of how your neighbors have saved through arbitration:

  • For a Tarrant County owner the ARB reduced the district's $801,000 Proposed Value to $723,000. Through Arbitration that value was further reduced to $700,000, saving a total of about $ 2,500 in first year taxes.  But the owner’s recently incurred costs during construction (excluding land) were $1,100,000 -- far more than the district's $801,000 Proposed Value!
  • For a Dallas County owner we obtained a $7,930 reduction from the ARB to $469,000. Through Arbitration we reduced it by an additional $74,000 to $395,000, saving about $2,000 in first year taxes — and demonstrating dramatically that the ARB is only final when you allow it to be.
  • For a Tarrant County owner where the ARB had sustained the District’s proposed  $4,067,000 value we obtained a reduction through Arbitration to $3,150,000 which was $250,000 below the owner’s recent cost!  First year savings:  $22,000
  • For a Denton owner who obtained his own reduction from $650,000 to $600,000 we obtained a further reduction to $520,000 even though his recent cost was $541,000!  First year savings: $2,000

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