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6 Ways To Lower Your Property Taxes

April 23, 2020

First, protest every year. Only 10% of Texas homeowners protest to lower their property taxes. Don’t be one of the 90% who over pay. Here are some easy ways to make sure you’re paying only your fair share, not more.

  1. Protest every year, regardless whether or not your value increased. We have reduced many of our clients’ taxes year after year.  And, in fact, a successful protest one year increases the burden for the appraisal district the following year, making consecutive annual protests more productive for homeowners. We protest our clients’ taxes every year.
  2. Include both grounds for protest.  Your protest should include as grounds (a) Value Above Market and Inequality of Appraisal.  Comparable sales will support your appeal under Value Above Market, but Inequality of Appraisal requires comparable assessments in conformity with the requirements of the Property Tax Code which are complex.  For this you might need professional help.  Property Tax Protest has been winning reductions under Inequality for many years.  We have more experience with Inequality than most agents.
  3. Get the valuation you deserve. If you don’t get the value you deserve from the Appraisal Review Board, we can take your case to Binding Arbitration.  At Property Tax Protest, we’ll share the risk with you.  If your arbitration case doesn’t save you the $500 fee, we’ll pay half the difference between that and what you saved.
  4. Get the facts right. Make sure the appraisal district’s facts about your property are accurate.  You might be surprised how many inaccuracies we find in the districts’ descriptions of our clients’ properties; from size of living area to condition to number of garage spaces.  Finding appraisal district errors is an almost “lay down case” for tax savings.
  5. When filing a building permit be careful.  When remodeling or improving your property, the amount stated on the permit will affect your valuation in the following year.
  6. When buying a home through MLS you can stipulate the purchase price be kept confidential.  If you’re paying more than the property’s assessed value this might be helpful in keeping your taxes under control.  If you’re paying less than the assessed value, we can help you get it reduced the following year.
  7. Apply for homestead exemption.  The homestead exemption saves you money.  There’s a reduction in your school taxes starting in the first year after application.  The taxable value of your property can’t increase more than 10% per annum since the last appraisal date.  And if you’re over 65 you can defer payment of taxes.  There are also legal protections against loss of your homesteaded property to creditors.

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