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Jonathan Kutner

Welcome to your site for property tax savings!

Hello, I'm Jonathan Kutner, licensed by the State of Texas to protest your property's taxable value to your local Appraisal Review Board. For more than two decades I've helped Texans reduce their property taxes. This year I would like to help you save money also.


  • 1512 Edison Street, Dallas

    1512 Edison Street
    Dallas Design District

    Four of Seven Years Reductions

  • 7800 Block Inwood Road

    7800 Block Inwood Road

    Six Reductions in Eight Years

  • 1500 Block Oak Lawn Avenue

    1500 Block Oak Lawn Avenue
    Dallas Design District

    Five of Seven Years Reductions

  • 5600 Block Lovers Lane

    5600 Block Lovers Lane
    "Miracle Mile" Shopping

    Eight Reductions in Ten Years

  • 1500 Block Slocum Street

    1500 Block Slocum Street
    Dallas Design District

    $240,000 (27%) Reduction

  • 4200 Block Harry Hines, Dallas

    4200 Block Harry Hines, Dallas

    $99,260 (28%) Reduction

  • 6400 Block Sudbury Road, Denton

    Saved $7,211

    6400 Block Sudbury Road
    Denton 75024

  • 5314 Ursula Lane, Dallas

    Saved $10,900

    5314 Ursula Lane
    Dallas 75230

  • 5927 Joyce Way, Dallas

    Saved $8,056

    5927 Joyce Way
    Dallas 75230

  • 9851 Rockbrook

    Saved $21,400

    9851 Rockbrook

  • 3721 Caruth Blvd, Dallas

    Saved $5,690

    3721 Caruth Blvd
    Dallas 75225

  • 3437 Caruth Blvd, Dallas

    Saved $17,400

    3437 Caruth Blvd
    Dallas 75225

  • 4524 N Versailles Ave, Dallas

    Saved $3,400

    4524 N Versailles Ave
    Dallas 75205

  • 4211 Lakeside Dr, Dallas

    Saved $4,200

    4211 Lakeside Dr
    Dallas 75205

  • 4001 Gillon Ave, Dallas

    Saved $5,600

    4001 Gillon Ave
    Dallas 75205

  • 4301 Westway Ave, Dallas

    Saved $7,600

    4301 Westway Ave
    Dallas 75205

  • 4323 Versailles Ave, Dallas

    Saved $16,800

    4323 Versailles Ave
    Dallas 75205

  • 4850 Preston Road, Dallas

    Saved $25,150

    4850 Preston Road
    Dallas 75205

  • Lakeshore Dr, Dallas

    I Saved $3,500.

    Rob Milbank, Esq.
    Lakeshore Drive, Dallas

  • Houston 77019

    I Saved $7,000.

    Donald Chalmers, DDS
    3200 block Inwood Road
    Houston 77019

  • Michael Lowenberg

    "I saved $2,100 in property taxes."

    Michael Lowenberg, Esq.
    General Counsel
    Gardere, Wynn, Sewell, Dallas

  • Robertson

    "I saved $1,100 in 2008, $1,400 in 2009 and $9,300 in 2010."

    Jon Mark Robertson, PRG Realty Partners Dallas

  • Jeremy Halbreich

    "My wife and I have saved $11,000!"

    Jeremy Halbreich
    Chmn, Amercomm LLC Dallas

  • Robert Sullivan

    "I saved $1,300."

    Robert Sullivan, Partner
    Sullivan & Cook, LLC
    Zip: 75205

  • 2800 Block Shelby Av

    Saved $6,900

    2800 Block Shelby Av
    Uptown Dallas
    Sterling Designs Builders

  • 1500 Block Slocum St.

    Saved $6,000

    1500 Block Slocum St.
    Dallas Design District
    Janell Company LP

  • 3600 Block Euclid Ave.

    Saved $1,551

    3600 Block Euclid Ave.
    Highland Park

  • 6300 Block Lafayette Way

    Saved $6,188

    6300 Block Lafayette Way
    Dallas 75230
    Miars Custom Homes

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!

Paper Rocket

  • May 31 is the filing deadline to protest your 2016 taxable value.
  • But we close a few days early to get our protests filed on time.
  • So – please – don’t wait until the last minute.
2016 is the year of recovery in North Texas. Chief Appraisers and taxing jurisdictions are eager to bring their taxable property values back up after the declines of recent years.

But your Chief Appraiser’s mass appraisal techniques may not do your property the justice it deserves. That’s why we’re here – to help you get the residential or commercial tax value you deserve in the face of rising assessments.

We charge a flat fee and NO PERCENTAGE. So you keep the savings and we can devote to your tax protest the attention it deserves. Contingent fee consultants can pick and choose which properties to work on most; we can’t and we won’t.

What's My Value?

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Our Privacy Policy: We keep your e mail address within our system. We do not sell your e mail address to third parties. We may use your e mail address to communicate with you regarding events that affect your property taxes, including our opinion of your chances at the Appraisal Review Board. You can opt out of these notices simply by sending us an e mail; we'll honor your request.


Our record speaks for itself: over 80% of the cases we take to the ARB result in tax savings. This excludes those values which we decided – after analysis – are supported by the market. In those cases – where we don’t go to the ARB – we refund your fee.

So don’t wait. Go to our Sign Up page now and get yourself the taxable value you deserve. This year, let the savings begin!

Mailing Address

Property Tax Protest,
3824 Cedar Springs Road, MB 361
Dallas, TX 75219 4166

Telephone numbers

469 449 9835
Email: propertytaxtexas@gmail.com


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