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Step 1

Complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Step 2

You'll be brought to a document page auto-populated with your information.

The first document authorizes us to represent you. The second document explains that we will invoice you once only after we have have saved you money. It's a risk free sign-up.

All you need to do is add your signature.

Step 3

Hit submit! We will confirm receipt of the documents. If there is anything else we need we will contact you by email.

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This tells us which property to protest for. If you have more than one property you can add them in the documents.
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Frequent Asked Questions

Can I send you more information about my property?

Yes, we encourage you to send us any information that might be helpful in supporting your protest.  We will use your own words where appropriate so please be as specific as possible. Send us the information at our Contact page.

What does a property tax protest cost?

You pay nothing up front.  We charge 1% of the market value reduction we obtain for you.  If there’s no reduction, there’s no fee.  

For example, if we reduce your market value by $50,000 from, $525,000 to $475,000, we’ll invoice you $500.  Your tax savings will be around $1,250 (at a presumed 2.5% rate), and you take home $750

If I eSign do I need to email or mail anything?

Nope! We will automatically receive the documents and send you an email confirming we have.

How do you use my data? Why do you need my phone number and email?

We need your phone number as it is a required field on the Authorization of Agent form created by the state. We use your email to send you updates about your property and protesting.

We never share this information with other parties and we'll only send you emails strictly related to property tax protest.

Are eSignatures secure and valid?

Yup! We partner with DocuSign, a publicly traded company that has processed hundreds of millions of signatures to-date. Signatures processed by DocuSign are compliant with the United State's ESIGN Act.

Additionally, we have consulted with the local tax authorities in each of the counties we represent to ensure they accept the eSigned documents.

Will I receive a copy of the documents when I eSign?

Yup, you will automatically receive an email with the completed documents.

Why do you recommend eSignature?

Simply put, it's much faster and more secure than sending snail-mail. We receive the documents immediately and can begin building our case for why your property's market value should be lower.

We do better for our clients when we protest earlier in the season for them. So by signing up electronically you help us help you!

How does the referral program work?

By referring your friends and neighbors to us we can help them save money as well, and for each referral who signs-up we will reduce your invoice by 10%! Refer 10 people and your protest (and all of the savings you'll get) can be FREE! All you need is their email addresses and we will contact them once on your behalf. If you refer more than ten who sign up we'll donate half the proceeds from all to a charity of your choice.  You can be a friend and a Patron!

When you complete the eSignature you will be brought to the referrals page automatically. Otherwise you can go directly to it here.