Friends help friends save money.

For every referral who signs up, we’ll credit 10% to your invoice. Refer ten and yours can be FREE. And if more than ten sign up we'll donate half of what we receive from all (including the first ten) to a charity of your choice in your name. Return here any time to add more referrals. We’ll contact your referrals by email. Here’s how to begin:
Note: In the event that the same client is referred twice, the first client who refers the friend or neighbor owns the credit for a week, and if the new client hasn't signed up within that time frame, the referral credit goes to the second referrer. You can refer more than ten.  You'll get credit when your friends sign-up. It’s automatic!

Your friend will receive this email:

<Your Name> has referred us to you to save money on property taxes. For more than two decades, Property Tax Protest has  helped owners like you reduce their property taxes risk free.  We charge 1% of any reduction but if there's no reduction there's no fee.  You can also earn FREE representation.  If you want to pay less in property taxes, just sign up today.